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Today, I would like to introduce a new software that helps you enhance the customers’ satisfaction, catch their attention and get the great number of the traffic.  That is PandaText software. If you want to get more knowledge about PandaText, let read my honest review!

In this PandaText Review, I am going to give you the important and necessary information including the overview and the advantages of PandaText software. Thanks to this software, you can attract the customers, promote the sale of the product and generate the great profit.

Panda text

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I. PandaText Review: Overview

PandaText is a smart and useful software that is created and developed by Satish Gaire. This software will be launched on April 8th, 2016 with only $19. This price is much cheaper than other software, however, it still contains the useful, special and unique features that benefit for you.

Creator: Satish Gaire
Product: PandaText
Launch Time: 07:00 EDT
Launch Date: April 8th, 2016
Price: $19

Niche: Software

The Pandatext software has the ability to message the leads whenever you want. With this software, you can also send the bulk number of SMS messages to your whole squad.  It is going to enable you to get the live conversation with your visitors through SMS.

PandaText allows you to capture the phone numbers of your customer easily and then confirm them, send your targeted text messages fast with your copy text. From that, you will get the mobile traffic fast without paying any fee.

II. Benefits of PandaText

1. No Installation

PandaText is a perfect software for you. You do not need to have any skill and experience to install and use this softare. You only need to spend 3 minutes to setup this software.

2. Works Worldwide

Thanks to PandaText software, you can send the SMS message to the audiences in the whole world without any language barrier. This software is able to work with many popular languages.  Therefore, you can promote and sell your product on the world market.

3. Innovative

This product is really helpful for the internet marketers, especially the newbie who have no deep knowledge and the email list because this software is not difficult to use.

4. Save money and time

If you buy the PandaText software, you will get the training videos and live webinars. They are useful to help you send the marketing SMS to the customer. With this software, you can save money and time to spend for other plans.

III. How does PandaText software work?

1. The customers will fully fill in opt-in form.

There will be the Opt-in form in front of the customer anytime they activate this application. They have to enter name, phone numbers and email to continue.

2. They will immediately receive your SMS.

After getting the customers’ question and query, you can reply them and then, they can get your SMS in a few seconds

3. They open and read your text message.

PandaText is going to directly message the leads anytime you desire, or you are able to send the bulk number of SMS messages to your customers.

4. 21st Century Customer Support

If the customers leave comments, you need to respond their queries to satisfy them. The PandaText software is able to allow you toconvert more prospects into your consumers.

5. Tracking everything

This software is going to see all of your conversations at a glance. You can know who’s talking to you at any time you need.

6. Send links in your texts

You will have the ability to push the reminders to join your webinars, visit your website or buy tickets to your events through your affiliate links or CPA. And more!

 IV. The PandaText software is very useful for:

1. Event organizer

When you work with many people or you work with a team and group, your company often has many announcements to the staffs. Thus, it is easier and simpler in order that you send the message to all the staffs if you use this PandaText software. Therefore, they will read your announcements and get duty immediately. It will help you save time in organizing and work more effectively.

2. Businessmen or Salesperson

The businessmen and the salesperson are going to need this software to send SMS to the customers to encourage them buy your products.  Sometimes, you cannot read all the messages from your customers because the numbers of SMS is very big. However, with this software, you can reply your customer in the fastest and the most effective way.

3. Service provider

This software allows the service providers to send the message to their partners and their affiliate marketers quickly when they launch a new products or services.  And they can promote the sale of product and boost their business.

4. Offline and online businessmen

The offline and online businessmen are able to use the PandaText to organize and construct activities and works.

5. PandaText Review: Conclusion

After reading fully my PandaText Review, how do you feel about this product? I am sure that you are falling in love with PandaText because this software brings many advantages for you.

If you want to become a successful businessman, you should not ignore Panda Text.

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